Top 10 for Kids

1. Manta rays are flat-bodied fish, but there are only two species. If you have been told that a small flat fish is a manta ray, it may be wrong, because manta rays measure over 3 meters wide.

2. Manta rays do not eat meat or fish from other marine animals. They have to be fed a lot of tiny living organisms called plankton, floating in the water.

3. Manta rays are related to sharks.

4. The skeleton of manta rays doesn’t have bones, but is made of a soft material called cartilage.

5. Manta rays are not dangerous because they are not aggressive nor have venomous sting.

6. Manta rays develop in eggs inside their mother, and exit out of it completely independent.

7. Their brain is the biggest of all fish.

8. They usually jump out of the water, perhaps to get rid of parasites from their skin, to communicate with other manta rays or just to play. What do you think?

9. They have little teeth but these are not good for chewing.

10. They live in warm waters; you never see them in cold or icy spots.

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